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Are you Looking for informational e-books on Aromatherapy and in particular essential oils and how to use them?

Well you have come to the right website.

I'm the author of these e-books and am here to help you learn about using essential oils safely and properly for you and your families health and well-being.

My first Aromatherapy book is now being offered here as an e-book in different formats: Kindle or Nook. For more information about these formats see below.

And this is my contribution to saving a 'tree' or two as I go "GREEN" with my books.

Although for those that prefer a 'Paper version' I now have that available also as a "Print on Demand". In other words, the Paper version is only printed once you place an order. So, this is a more effective way of printing books.


My Book - Aromatherapy Recipes using Pure Essential oils Volume 1 by Penny Keay

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At last a NEW Aromatherapy Recipe Book. A collection of recipes that can be useful!

Over 10 years in the making. These recipes were being created and developed from helping those during aromatherapy consultations. I've been a Certified Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist for 10 years but have been studying Aromatherapy for nearly 25 years.

Although many of the recipes were created just for fun too.

Now they are in this handy to use, easy to search e-book version.

You will find this Aromatherapy Recipe book has great features for those just getting into aromatherapy and for others that have been blending for awhile.

The E-book version of Aromatherapy Recipe Book using Pure Essential oils Volume 1 is divided into Two Parts and is over 170 e-book pages long. Barnes & Noble for Nook and Amazon Kindle versions have a few graphics but since they are geared more to the Kindle and Nook they have fewer graphics.

Part One - of the Aromatherapy Recipe book is a basic introduction in therapeutic Aromatherapy.

What it is? What are Essential oils and where they come from? And the very important section on Essential oil safety.

There is a chapter about blending, including measuring and helpful equipment and a list of essential oils used in the recipes.

Part Two - are the RECIPES. Over 200 of them.

The Recipes are in various categories from diffuser blend and room sprays, to blends used for respiratory conditions, blends for the home and garden, first aid, including bumps and bruises, blends just for women, and ones for the romantic sides of you! Over 27 different categories!

Here is the Ordering section!

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Aromatherapy Recipes using Pure Essential oils Volume 1
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Aromatherapy Recipes using Pure Essential oils Volume 1
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IF you own a Kindle, Nook or other e-reader you can SHOP on line at Barnes & Noble or Amazon through your E-Book Devices too. To help you to find the book more easily - Type in Penny Keay in the 'search' function and you will find the Recipe Book easily. Thank You.

Aromatherapy Recipes using Pure Essential oils Volume 1
is $29.99
to order the PAPERBACK Version Click The LINK Below to be Directed to my PAPERBACK Order Page. (This is a different order processing than the above versions.

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