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Hello, I'm Penny Keay

I was born in Northeastern Minnesota and raised along the Blackhoof river area of Carlton County, also in Minnesota.

I have always loved nature. And living along the river where wild life is very abundant was and is very dear to me. Both the animal and plant world thrive along this trout stream. I spent much of my youth exploring along this river.

As a child I loved cute furry animals and during high school had several 'wild' critters as pets. My love for animals and also for writing was sparked after raising a 'woodchuck' for the summer. My first short story was "A Pet for the Summer" and was all about this woodchuck.

The love of animals and in particularly dogs continued as I pursued a degree in Veterinary Technology. For 30 years I worked as a Veterinary Technician.

I married my Best friend, Al, in 1975. We designed and built a beautiful home right across from where I was raised. My husband, Al, and I raised 3 wonderful sons.

Oh and before I forget we have 4 grandchildren and 6 grand dogs!

After our sons were grown Al became very interested in Aromatherapy and the use of Essential oils.

Soon, I too, developed an interest in these beautiful natural gifts provided by Mother Nature herself.

Shortly after Al had finished his course in Aromatherapy (1997), we started a business selling essential oils for therapeutic applications.

Since we needed an outlet to sell our aromatherapy products, I learned how to write 'html' and created an extensive website.

To expand my knowledge in the field of Medical Aromatherapy I completed a course offered by Medical Aromatherapy Training Services in the United Kingdom.

I received my Certificate in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy in April 2008 passing with distinction! (Not too bad for someone in their mid 50's! )

The Recipes in my first book came from the hundreds of articles I have written about aroma therapy on my husbands website, Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy LLC, for our customers and from consultations we have given.

The recipes were created to help those choosing to use essential oils responsibly and safely as a complimentary regimen for their health and well being.

We are very busy with the Aromatherapy business of selling essential oils and supplies and if you need a source of essential oils, of course I know and trust the oils my husband sells.

Since I have written hundreds of articles over the years I decided it is time to compile these articles into useful guides and books for the dozens of health concerns they were written.

And to put them into easy to read reference material to help those looking for complementary health modalities that come from "Mother Nature".

I hope you will find my books filled with the helpful information and guidance that you seek.


About "Penny Makes Cents LLC"

Okay, well here it goes. I have always been known as 'Penny'. Yep that is my name. Not Penelope, just Penny. My father always said that he named me Penny as the day I was born I looked like a 'shiny' new Penny.

When contemplating what to call my Book Publishing company I kept thinking about how everything kept coming up with "Penny" being a 'Cent or is that a 'Scent' and does this all make 'Sense' and can I make 'Cents' helping people make 'Sense' out of using 'Scents'.

So as you can see by my Logo and my banners I love to play a bit with making puns.

My Slogan is "Making Sense out of Scents" brought to you by my publishing company "Penny Makes Cents LLC".

And yes that silhoutte is me in my classic ponytail. I was known by my family as 'Penny Ponytail' for years.

All those Pennies in the banner were hand polished by me so I could take the photos and design my banners and logo.

I am a 'Jill of all trades and master of none', Okay, I do pretty good at many of the things I do. Which as each of my books are written you will discover I have experienced lots of fun things in my life!

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